Food for thought

Between living and dreaming there is a third thing. Guess it.

Graffiti Artist Having Fun

Graffiti Artist Having Fun With The Guy Who Has To Remove The Graffiti. Once upon a time a story appeared on a wall. But it only progressed when the wall was repainted. And so a strange harmony was found between ...

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Healthy Love and Unhealthy Love

The Difference Between Healthy Love & Unhealthy Love “What is love?” is perhaps one of the most pondered about questions of our existence. Is it a feeling? An emotion? Is it who we are? Is it something we all feel? ...

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Skeleton Couple Found Holding Hands

700-Year Embrace: Skeleton Couple Still Holding Hands “Til death do us part” isn’t quite enough for some. Archeologists from the University of Leicester have been excavating the “lost” chapel of St. Morrell in east Leicestershire and have recently announced the ...

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The Experiment

Harry Harlow Experiment A group of scientists placed 5 monkeys in a cage and in the middle a ladder with bananas on top… See also: Intelligent People All Have One Thing In Common Credits: Web Fail | The experiments of Harry ...

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10 Tips To Calm An Anxious Mind

Re-invention Ain’t Easy: Top 10 Actions To Take When Anxiety Nightmares Strike Your Mind Last night, I dreamt I was alone with a scary, grubby man. He handed me a knife and said I had to kill his dog before ...

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Turn Into A Tree When You Die

Biodegradable Urns That Will Turn You Into A Tree After You Die Let’s Start Converting Cemeteries Into Forests A revolution is upon us on Earth to move from a pollution and waste dependent society to one of sustainability and environmentally ...

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